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Jimbo’s Boy “JB”

Jimbo’s Boy “JB” is just that - Jimbo’s boy!  He not only looks like his famous sire, but he also acts like his famous sire!  In everything that JB does we see a reflection of Jimbo.

JB carries himself just like Jimbo and has Jimbo’s exact personality, temperament, and build. He has silky mane, abundant feather, kind eyes, and a beautiful head just like his sire. JB is also athletic and graceful even at his young age.

The future is exciting for this very special colt.  He is one colt that without a doubt  deserves to be stallion!  JB is friendly, and he loves people.  No doubt that this is one colt that will be making his mark in the breed.

Show Results & Awards

JB has been awarded the following at the 2010 Feathered Horse Spring Classic:

  • Colts 2 & Under: 2nd
  • North American Bred: 5th

More Photos of Jimbo’s Boy “JB”


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