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Jimmie Jo

The Only Gypsy horse offspring from two multiple World Champion Gypsy horses.

Introducing Jimmie Jo, a 2010 filly from our Champions–Jimbo and JoJo. We are very excited about this uniquely striking filly!

Jimmie Jo has her dam’s outstanding confirmation, and her sire’s exquisite beauty, feather, and work ethic. She was blessed with her sire and dam’s outstanding confirmation, temperament, and much sought after bloodline.  Jimmie Jo, much like JoJo, is both soft and athletic.

Whether she is walking, trotting or cantering about, every movement that she makes is fluid, sure, and completely effortless.  Like her sire, Jimmie Jo commands your attention with her beauty, confirmation, show stopping appearance, and athletic build.

Jimmie Jo exudes a presence that anyone, whether horse savvy or not, recognizes as setting her apart from other fillies. She is an outstanding example of the breeding of two of the world’s best ambassadors of exemplary Gypsy horses.  Jimmie Jo, the image of her sire and dam, is everything this breed is known for and demonstrates why these horses are so sought after.

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