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HobNob, a 2007 mare, is one of those mares with a big, massive, and drafty body that are getting harder and harder to find. In fact, she is one of the largest purebred Gypsy horses in the United States.

Our beautiful precious HobNob left us December 16th, 2011.  We were blessed to have her for  4 1/2 years.  The moment she arrived out of quarantine we know she was meant to be ours.  Precious big kind eyes with the most tender heart and disposition.  She had a wonderful life while with us.  She spent her time with out in big green pastures and is she choose she could mozy in and out of the barns.  The choice was hers.  Her 4 1/2 years in the USA were the best years any horse could ever hope for.  She will be greatly missed.

HobNob  gave birth to three outstanding show quality foals!   Bo her 2011 colt by Jimbo,  Honey Bun was a 2010 filly sired by Jimbo, and Cup Cake was a 2008 filly sired by The PO Stallion. Her foals have consistently boasted outstanding confirmation and abundant feather, mane, and tail. They are gorgeous. You can see pictures of them on the sold page.

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