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2009 World Grand Champion of Champions & 2010 World Champion Mare

JoJo was the first Grand Champion Halter Mare & Champion of Champions at the Gypsy Horse Registry of America World Show in Fort Worth in 2009, and she was the 2009 World Champion and 2010 World Champion Mare!

GVHS 5 Star Rating

JoJo is a gorgeous 2002 mare.  JoJo’s confirmation is as close to perfect as confirmation can be.  When JoJo participated in the 2010 GVHS Evaluations, the primary evaluator, who was also training other judges to evaluate the Gypsy horses, said to the crowd, participants, and judges that JoJo should be the archetype by which the GVHS should base the breed standard.  He showed the crowd an illustration depicting the confirmation sought after by the judges and announced that JoJo surpassed even the illustration!

He concluded by saying that not only did she have outstanding confirmation but also that she was soft and athletic. JoJo was awarded the 5 Star in confirmation and movement by the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, and she was evaluated by three highly-recognized and well-respected  judges.

JoJo both drives and rides well.  She has a nice, big cobby body with good bone structure and great feather.  She stands just shy of 15 hands.

A sweet, easy going mare, JoJo is always happy to see you.  She is sired by the well known stallion, The Checkerdy Horse, and her dam is known as The Dublin Mare.

More Images of JoJo

Gypsy & Drum Horse Summer Classic

Class Place Horse Exhibitor
Gypsy Mares 4YR & Older 1 Image Setter’s JoJo Sonya Brown
SR Gypsy Mare Grand Champion 1 Image Setter’s JoJo Sonya Brown
Gypsy English Pleasure WT Adult 1 Image Setter’s JoJo Sonya Brown
Multi-Color Gypsy Mare Any Age 1 Image Setter’s JoJo Sonya Brown
Gypsy English Pleasure Championship 1 Image Setter’s JoJo Sonya Brown

National Gypsy & Drum Horse Show

Class Description Exhibitor Place
32 Gypsy Senior Mares Six Years & Over Sonya Brown 1
33 Champion Gypsy Mare Gene Brown 2
37 Supreme Champion Gypsy Gene Brown 3
62 Gypsy/Drum Hunter Pleasure – Walk/Trot/Canter Sonya Brown 2
64 Gypsy/Drum Mares & Geldings – Pleasure Driving Gene Brown 2



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