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A gorgeous red and white 2004 homozygous pinto mare, Sapphire is very well-bred. Sired by Nobby, she is half sister to our Bayonetta. Her dam is a Vine’s red and white mare, The Appleby Mare; her grandsire is The Lottery.

Like her sister, Sapphire inherited her sire’s remarkable conformation, lovely kind eyes, and sweet personality. Her mane and feather are not only thick but silky as well.  It doesn’t seem to hold a tangle.

Sapphire and Jimbo’s offspring bring together some of the most well-known and sought-after bloodlines making their offspring unique, wonderful, and exciting.  Jimbo and Sapphire have produced four striking fillies: Totsie, Onyx, Dottie, and Trixie.

Each of their fillies possesses outstanding confirmation, a flashy coat pattern, and plenty of silky mane for appearance. They also have a wonderful temperament and an exciting work ethic.  They are perfect for the show ring and for athletic performance work! All four fillies have the same exciting disposition and personality. We love the pairing of Jimbo and Sapphire.  This line belongs in the show ring with their “look at me here I am attitude!” See pictures of them on our offspring page.

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